Chairman’s Message


By instinct every child wants to play. Activities in the play field and sports inculcate essential traits of determination comradery and tolerance. In Pakistan millions of children don’t have access to sports facilities. Poor children of varying age groups crave to own a cricket bat, football or even just a tennis ball to play with.

It doesn’t cost too much to make the dream of a child come true. An ordinary cricket bat and a ball cost few hundred rupees but can bring priceless smiles, happiness and entertainment to so many children. Similarly a football can engage so many children for a very healthy sports activity.

Khilari Foundation has launched an innovative project to make sports gear and facilities accessible to these deprived children. Your donations will help us to procure sports gears and distribute these among needy children. Your small gesture will mean a lot to a child who will have their own bat or ball.

Lt Gen Muhammad Haroon Aslam

HI(M), SBt (retd)


Many Pakistani children have dreams to play and have talent to excel, but are not able to afford it. Khilari Foundation has a vision to take sports to these underprivileged yet deserving children, which will not only fulfil their dreams, but also aid them to show their talent and potential to the world. Till now, the projects we have commenced have shown clearly that how a little effort can bring big smiles. All we need is guidance and support of like-minded people who value the impact of sports and recreation on children’s lives, to take sports to every nook and corner of Pakistan. With the motivation we have for this purpose, we hope to make every deprived child happy country wide.

Hamza Haroon